Knowledge and experience with

the world's best process to develop people

to their fullest capability


Hands-on business experience and a coaching methodology that has been taught to more than 55,000 people in more than 280 companies, provides a powerful support for people developing and achieving business and personal goals. The Harada Method is ranked by The Japan Management Association as “the world’s best process in day-to-day management for developing people to reach their full capability”.

Working with a coach you are shown how to achieve your business and personal goal(s). It's also a powerful approach for engaging people in your business and aligning them with the business goals. It’s practical and has milestones and measures embedded and disarmingly simple, but there is sophistication in its design and results are almost immediate.

Coaching using the Harada Method is for:

- When you want more out of your day, your business and your life

- When managers are ready to shift to being coaches

- When you realize that performance appraisals don’t work

Teaching the Harada method can be in person, in a workshop or on-line and subsequent coaching in person or on-line.

What is so unique about the Harada Method?
The Harada Method takes the power of coaching and teaching great athletes into the workplace.  This method will sharpen your skills, your mind, your body, and your spirit. When you have a clear goal and can visualize yourself becoming the best, everything starts to fall in place for you.

The essence of the Harada Method is what we call “self-reliance.” Self-reliance is the ability of each person to become highly skilled and to be the absolute best at some discipline. People who are self-reliant can be trusted to make responsible decisions for themselves and for the organization they work for.

It takes the right tools to be a champion, and the Harada Method is a proven system for helping people achieve success. Takashi Harada was a track and field coach at the worst school in the most deprived neighborhood of Osaka, Japan.  Using his method, his students reached the pinnacle of success, winning 13 gold medals at the national track and field competitions.  They became the best athletes at their age level in Japan. His school went from the worst and became number one out of 380 schools for twelve years in a row.

He recognized that the principles used in sports would also bring success to companies.The Harada Method provides the means for anyone to establish and reach their goals through a systematic approach that everyone can follow. This method allows the individual to take responsibility for defining their own plan in achieving self-reliance which will ultimately lead to the accomplishment of higher levels of personal and professional performance.  

In addition to showing how an individual can achieve their personal and business goals, The Harada Method will teach a manager/leader how to be a coach to their employees to motivate them and bring out their best.


Mentors work with SME's in the implementation of business principles and practices aimed at improving productivity, profitability and sustainability. The mentoring program is typically delivered over a six month period with one-on-one sessions being held on the premises, of the business.

The mentors possess a wide variety of qualifications and skills in a range of industries with many years of experience in their field. They have the ability to offer knowledgeable advice and assistance.

The mentors will attend sessions with the business owners/managers 2-3 times a month to assist with the implementation process and to act as a support mechanism for the people involved.
The mentors will share their knowledge and experience in order to arrive at appropriate recommendations and will provide information regarding relevant tools and techniques on how to apply the recommendations.

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