Christopher Miller, Consultant

Core Competency: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” Christopher has unique and specific competence in the design, development and operation of highly practical and effective management information systems that actually increase the profitability of SME’s.

Background / Experiences: Christopher has experience from the big end of town: Finance Manager of BTR Nylex, a manufacturing group with an $8 billion market capitalisation, then Finance Director of Elders Pastoral, a rural services group with a $3.5 billion turnover. Complementing this, he has 20 years experience consulting to a wide range of SME’s. He has experience including course presenter on company valuations and the valuation of options. He has designed and presented a highly successful Strategic Financial Management series for SME’s which have a strong – and very popular – emphasis on mentoring. Some of his writings on business can be viewed on his website here

Qualifications: A qualified accountant and a Fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australia.

Regions: Metropolitan Adelaide

Mentors work with SME's in the implementation of business principles and practices aimed at improving productivity, profitability and sustainability. The mentoring program is typically delivered over a six month period with one-on-one sessions being held on the premises, of the business.

The mentors possess a wide variety of qualifications and skills in a range of industries with many years of experience in their field. They have the ability to offer knowledgeable advice and assistance.

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The mentoring program is delivered over a six month period with one-on-one sessions being held on the premises of the business. The mentors will attend sessions with the business owners/managers 2-3 times a month to assist with the implementation process and to act as a support mechanism for the people involved.

The mentors will share their knowledge and experience in order to arrive at appropriate recommendations and will provide information regarding relevant tools and techniques on how to apply the recommendations.